Troublesome Topic: Adam and Chavva’s First Week Outside of Eden

Let me ask you to think about this for a minute before proceeding to read my thoughts.

What would your first week be like in a totally new place where you don’t know what to expect or how things work?

How difficult do you think that would be?

Here are my thoughts for whatever they are worth.

During the second night outside of the protected enclosure they heard animals prowling about. After seeing one animal kill and eat another one, they did not know whether they were in grave danger or not?

They tried to subsist by gathering fruits, nuts, etc, but found it much more difficult than it had been in the garden (especially without the tree that sustains life). I Believe They Had Already Been Eating from the Tree of Life

They were still angry at each other. They slept close together only when it was cold, but that first week, most of their interactions were characterized by anger.

At one point shortly after they left “The protected enclosure of delicate delights,” one of the animals that “the red man made from dirt” thought of as a friend bit his hand. In “the protected enclosure of delicate delights” all the animals had been friendly; now even the friendly ones were potentially dangerous. He thought to himself, “Is God going to bring about my physical death by letting a ‘friendly’ animal kill me and eat me?” So he did not know what to think about the large animals, like the dinosaurs, that had let him interact with them in “The protected enclosure of delicate delights”.

“The one through whom God gives life” was not bothered by any of the insects or spiders because she did not know she was supposed to fear them. But snakes were a different story! She hated all snakes! Little ones, pretty ones, skinny ones. It did not matter. Even a dead snake could send a chill skating up her spine. I imagine she saw a snake during that first week outside of “The protected enclosure of delicate delights” and it  shook her to the core of her being.

He wanted to offer a sacrifice a day or two after being expelled from the protected enclosure but first he had to figure out the whole fire thing. He did not want to kill the sacrificial animal first and then try to start a fire because then he might have a dead animal laying around smelling like his garment smelled for the first few days. He tried again on the seventh day, but still could not get a fire to start.

The next lesson in this study is Learning to Survive.