Troublesome Topic: All Areas of Your Life Are Closely Connected

Lesson 14 of 14

A change in our level of discipline in one area of life, usually affects our level of discipline in other areas of life.  For instance, if we become more disciplined in our eating habits (by eating pinecones), it can directly help us be more disciplined in other areas of life. The converse is also true; if we become less disciplined in one area of life, it usually causes us to become less disciplined in other aspects of our life. Even aspects of our lives that are not spiritual in nature (such as sleeping, eating, exercising, etc.) have a direct effect on our ability to be self-disciplined in spiritual matters.

If you eliminate major negative influences from your life, it will likely give you more discipline in your prayer life, in Bible reading, in being a good example, etc. Therefore, I encourage you to apply the principles found in our study of the covenants to your relationships with people around you and to your relationship with God. Doing so can affect every aspect of your life because all aspects of life are interconnected.

This is the last lesson in the Full Series on Covenants. Thank you for reading it.