Troublesome Topic: Are You Floating Downstream or Swimming against the Current?

Imagine that I go swimming in a fast-flowing river. When I am floating downstream, I don’t realize how strong the current is. As I float I say, “it’s not that bad, I can swim upstream any time I want.” However, if I try to swim upstream, I will realize how hard it is. It will seem like the river’s current suddenly got stronger.

So one reality in the fight against lust is that no man realizes how difficult the fight is until he begins to fight against it in a serious manner. This is true of fighting lust or any other habit.

I believe this characterizes many men today, both outside the church and within the church. They know that fighting against lust is extremely difficult, so they go with the flow; they follow their natural inclinations; they do what comes naturally. For many of those who are floating downstream, the problem of lust does not seem like that big a deal. 

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