Troublesome Topic: Be Vigilant of Those Things That Need to Be Isolated

Lesson 3 of 9

All around us there are things that require us to say, “Watch out! Be careful!” Some of these things we must isolate against so they do not destroy us; some of these things we must isolate because they are important and valuable. Therefore we must evaluate everything to see if it needs to be isolated and why. We must avoid certain things, honor other things, and know how to tell the difference.

There are many things in life that are not sinful in themselves, but they take us in the wrong direction; they take us away from being clean and holy to being being common and unclean. At that point we may already be in sin, or we are one small step away from its clutches. Therefore we must evaluate everything.

The ancient Israelites had to be constantly on the lookout for anything dead, abnormal skin conditions, improper food sources, harmful relationships, and much more. These were all physical lessons that taught the spiritual reality of being watchful against any spiritual contaminations.

We have many spiritually destructive influences around us every day. Therefore, we must likewise remain constantly alert to their presence. God calls us to carefully evaluate everything in and around us to make sure there is nothing that we should separate ourselves (isolate ourselves) from.

Let me take this one step further. Many Christians today have the tendency to think, “Well, it’s not prohibited in the Bible, so it must be OK. If it’s not a sin, then I can choose it if I want to.” They could not be further from the truth even if they took a spaceship to get there. We should never flirt with sin! We should never knowingly get involved with anything that takes us away from God. If you play with fire, you know what will happen. If something takes you the wrong direction, it doesn’t matter if it is not a sin; stay away from it because it will lead you into sin. While we no longer need to live under the regulations of the Former Covenant, we still have to follow the principles taught by both covenants. We must constantly watch for negative influences, and we must avoid anything that puts distance between us and our covenant Lord.

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