Troublesome Topic: Do Not Fear Anything Frightening 1 Peter 3

1 Peter 3:6


just as SARA obeyed

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ABRAHAM, calling him “lord,” whose children you have become by doing well and not fearing

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anything frightening.


in the same way that THE PRINCESS obeyed THE FATHER OF MANY [NATIONS] and continually referred to him as “the one I will follow.” You have become her daughters if you have endured hardship with a good attitude and not been afraid of things that are frightening.


God knows that women often respond out of fear and insecurity, so He tells them not to fear, even though many things seem to be legitimate reasons for fear. There are financial concerns, health problems, emotional issues, people who get under our skin, and did I mention financial issues? A wife and mother can find many things to worry about without even trying, but God says, “Trust, don’t worry.” He says, “Submit rather than forcing things to happen.” His words may not make you feel any better, but if you follow them, your life will have less insecurity than any other method you might try.

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This is a compound word that comes from “under” and “listen,” hence, “to listen under.” In ancient times the idea of “listen” carried with it the idea of using actions to follow through on what was heard, thus “to obey.”


We get our word “phobia” from this Greek word. It means “to be frightened, alarmed or in awe of.”