Troublesome Topic: God Is an Idealist

The Song of Solomon presents a very idealistic view of marriage. Some may read this and dismiss it because it does not resemble their marriages, therefore, in their minds, it does not resemble real life.

God was presenting a picture of what can be, a picture of the goal we should all strive for. It would not make sense for God to paint a picture of what our marriages look like as influenced by our sinfulness, our selfishness and our pride. We may be uncomfortable with how high God sets the standard, but if he brought things down to our level it would be no standard at all. So God paints a picture of the very best a marriage can be. It is an idealistic picture by design.

God is gracious and forgiving as well as holy (holding a high standard). He is able to balance grace and holiness in ways that we never can. So we should not try to do His job for Him, we should do our best to be the best we can be with His help, and have the best marriage we can with His grace and strength.

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