Troublesome Topic: Here Is How I Envision the Encounter between Mary and Elizabeth

Luke 1:44


For behold, as the sound of your greeting came into my ears, the baby in my womb leaped with exuberant joy.

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I know this because, get ready to be amazed, as soon as the sound of your spiritually rich greeting came into my ears, the baby in my womb kicked excitedly, as if in celebration.

Elizabeth knew that the child she bore would be the forerunner of the Messiah. No doubt she had given considerable thought to what the Messiah would be like and He had become the primary topic of discussion among those that came to visit her ever since she had broken her silence. Then one day the dogs started barking more than usual because an unrecognized visitor was there to see her. Either someone (such as another visitor or a relative) told Elizabeth, “someone is here to visit you,” or she heard a voice and out of habit called out with “come on in, my door’s always open.” When Mary entered the door to the house the spirit of John inside Elizabeth’s womb sensed the connection to the spirit of Jesus inside Mary’s womb and seemed to shout, “Hey! I recognize Him. He’s the one!” The strong reaction from the child in her womb was used by God to tell Elizabeth, “That person you are always talking about these days – he just came through your door.”

Then she turned around, and whom did she see but her very own cousin, young Mary. We have Elizabeth’s spirit-guided proclamation which focused on the fact that Mary was carrying the long-awaited Messiah. And we have Mary’s beautiful response which came from a humble heart full of gratitude to God.

This must have been followed by many questions and stories. At some point, probably after Mary and Elizabeth were alone, Mary told her “the rest of the story” – that she was pregnant without ever “knowing” a man.

Elizabeth understood that the same God who had performed a miracle in her life had performed a similar miracle in Mary’s life. She was able to give Mary the encouragement she needed to hear, something along the lines of, “What God has started He will finish. You can be confident that you will not be stoned. You can be sure that you will carry this child till delivery and you will not both die in childbirth as is often the case. Also He will grow to manhood; He will not die of some childhood disease as many children do. Therefore, do not listen to your fears and do not focus on the obstacles; God is bigger than any obstacle.”


1: “leaped with exuberant joy”

We can assume that, by now, Elizabeth’s belly was showing prominently, and she had told her story to everyone she wanted to tell, causing the news to spread throughout their town. Mary appeared on the scene not showing at all because she was only a few days into her pregnancy.