Troublesome Topic: Option #2 Follow the Principles

We should at least strive to implement the principles of respect for authority, proper relationships and God’s design.

Authority Issues In Option #2

Let’s look for how we can do more than we have been doing to respect authority. Many people probably think they are being respectful of authority, but they are creating their own concept of what that should look like. They have allowed the world to influence their definition of respect. We live in a very independent and individualistic society, therefore, it is rare to find an adult who sees himself as being under the direct authority of anyone else outside of the work environment.

Always respect your parents for as long as they live. Recognize that you are always under their authority, either directly or indirectly. The only time that a son or daughter is not under the direct authority of their parents is if they are in a proper marriage relationship, at which point the parents’ authority over them is indirect. Obviously, since we are talking about adults, the parents do not guide every aspect of their lives, but the parents can speak into their lives when advice is needed. The expectation is that such advice will be heeded unless there is a biblically sound reason not to.

We should also be diligent and purposeful about teaching the next generation a greater degree of respect for authority. While our culture runs away from respect for authority, we should purposefully move toward a greater respect for all authority figures, especially those in the home. We should not let children get away with saying, “I don’t have to obey you.” When punishment is needed, it should be swift, firm, consistent and sometimes creative.

Option #2 Regarding Proper Relationships

For someone who is divorced and remarried, option #2 is the only one left open. Stay as you are, and strive to follow the principles to the best of your ability in the situation in which you find yourself.

In summary, marriage was intended to be for one man and one woman for life. Anything that differs from that design is less than ideal.

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