Troublesome Topic: Parables of Matthew 25

In Matthew 25 Jesus follows up these examples with three parables that illustrate the same point:
The ten virgins (vv. 1-13)
The talents (vv. 14-30)
The Sheep and the Goats (vv. 31-46).
(They are discussed in detail in the file called Matthew 25.)
I believe the admonition of Jesus is more than just a restriction against trying to name a specific date for His return; I am convinced it also refers to things like forming schematics, timelines and an “order-of-events.”
I am convinced that this discourse makes sense only in light of the 7 key points I have outlined earlier. I will repeat them here:
1) The destruction of the temple will serve as a confirmation to you that “this era” (meaning the era they were living in which we call the era of the Law) has passed and a new era has begun,
2) I will make obvious the true purpose for which I have come,
3) I will also reveal myself in power someday,
4) What I am talking about will happen after a delay in which several things will take place first.
5) These things are unpredictable; you cannot predict them ahead of time.
6) When they start to happen, you will know it, for they will be obvious, and you will know what they mean.
7) Don’t try to figure out any more than what I have told you.