Troublesome Topic: PHASE 0.1 THE ROCK LAYERS SPEAK

There are patterns in the sedimentary rock which serve as strong evidence for a world-wide flood rather than an evolutionary process of millions of years. These rock layers also reveal interesting information about the progression of that flood.

Geologists working outside of the oil industry have been working mostly with fabricated models created by supposition. While these scientists sometimes go out and study rock layers, they are lacking many of the pieces of the puzzle they are trying to construct.

On the other hand, we have the OIL COMPANIES, which for decades have been drilling core holes and pulling core samples from the ground or the ocean floor. These core samples come from miles deep in the earth’s crust. They have kept meticulous records of all the layers they have found. The oil companies have the full picture that the rock layers can give us.

Timothy Clarey, author of the book Carved In Stone, has been a professor of Geology as well as an oil man. He is also a Bible-believing Creationist. He knows the theoretical models produced by the scientists, both secular and Christian, but he has also availed himself of the volumes of data collected by oil companies. Apparently, said data is available to all the other scientists as well, if they would take the time to analyze it.

Dr. Clarey used the data from drilling and other sources in North America, South America, Africa, and the middle east, along with samples from much of the ocean floor. These are enough to give us a clear picture of the progression of the world-wide flood in those places, and a general picture of it in places that do not share their oil drilling data with us.


Secular Geologists have coined the word Megasequences. These are based on what they have found in the rock layers.  A Megasequence is a set of layers that have certain major characteristics in common and appear to have been laid down by the same physical process.

There were Seven Megasequences, all of which deposited their layers during the flood event. These Megasequences are: The Pre-Sauk, the Sauk, the Tippecanoe, the Kaskaskia, the Absaroka, the Zuni, and the Tejas.

A new Megasequence indicates that something changed in the physical forces that created the rock layers, leaving a different signature in the sedimentary layers being laid down.

Was there a pause between each Megasequence? Probably so. But these pauses would have been very short, unlike the presumed millions of years that the evolutionists place between each rock layer (which are not supported at all by the rocks themselves because they show no weathering between the layers).


I have organized this study series by what I call Phases. These are somewhat close to the Megasequences, but not exactly. I will strive to explain each of my phases in terms of what was going on in nature and what was going on for the humans that were still alive. My introductory material is phase zero; this has been phase 0.1.

The next lesson in this study is PHASE 0.2 THE SITUATION BEFORE THE WORLD-WIDE FLOOD