During the drought that preceded the flood, the arrogant sinners on earth hurled insults at Noah more than ever. “Where is your flood Noah? All we see is a drought.”

You may remember that Noah was told to enter the ark seven days before the storm started. God shut the door, sealing it completely.

As I envision it, the weather was dry and hot when Noah entered the ark. This made people laugh and joke about him even more.

Then some clouds appeared in the distance over the oceans. They were dark clouds. As the clouds got closer their appearance became more ominous. It was literally a wall of black water hanging in the air and moving slowly toward land. It kept moving and travelled inland, enveloping everyone in darkness. It was either one massive storm system, or several large storm systems that came together, it does not matter. The result was that everyone on earth was covered by a cloud mass so dark that it made daytime as dark as night.

In the same way that God held back the rain to accumulate it for the first part of the flood, I believe God prepared a hypercane, (a super-sized hurricane), but held back some of the natural characteristics of a hurricane so that all its force could be delivered in the same instant. Hurricanes are usually preceded by winds that come ashore before the rain comes. The winds get stronger and stronger, then the full force of the storm hits. I think this one was different. I think it was perfectly calm up until the moment the storm’s fury was unleashed. It was dark, but calm.

Have you ever felt the static electric charge that is built up just before a lightning strike occurs? I believe that in the last hour of this silent darkness, the hair on their arms and heads began to stand on end. It made a comical scene, yet it was also ominous.

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