Troublesome Topic: Sin Is a Serious Thing

Lesson 5 of 14

Sin is a Serious Thing and Must Be Dealt with at the Contaminated Root, Not Just Covered Over.

Remember the condition of the Former Covenant that commanded the Israelites to tear down a house if it had persistent mold in the walls? The lesson was that sin is a serious thing and must be dealt with at the contaminated root, not just covered over. Now we need to apply that concept to our use of modern media.

Some may object saying, “What I’m doing isn’t that bad.” I ask, compared to what? What we are comparing it to makes a huge difference. If we play that game we can always find something worse to compare it to. But God holds the standard for us to compare things to. Ouch. That is uncomfortable; we don’t like comparing our habits and entertainment to God’s standard. I guess that is why so many of us find other things to compare our actions to. And I guess that is why so many of us are spiritually weak, spiritually confused, spiritually frustrated—because we don’t want to compare our actions to God’s holy standard.

Hebrews 2:1


For it is necessary for us to pay attention exceedingly to the things we have heard, lest at any time we should drift away.


For it is necessary for us to pay most careful attention to the spiritual truths we have received, so that we don’t drift away from those truths.

Hebrews 2:2


For if the word that was spoken by angels was firm and every deviation and disobedience received a just punishment,


For if the regulations of the Law which were given to Moses by supernatural revelation from God were unalterable, and if every time someone violated those laws they were punished according to a set standard,

Hebrews 2:3


how shall we escape if we disregard such a great salvation, which was first announced by the Lord and confirmed to us by those who heard it?


how shall we escape punishment if we are careless in our response to such a great offer of salvation – one which came directly from the one who is Lord over all things, and which was confirmed by those who heard it first?

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