Troublesome Topic: Solomon Asks for Wisdom

I Kings 3:4-15 and II Chronicles 1:2-12 tell us how Solomon was given the chance to ask God for “whatever you want me to give you.” What would you choose?  Solomon chose wisdom.

Because he did not ask for riches or fame, God gave those to him as well.

I believe that before he asked for wisdom he already had some; he had enough to know to ask for wisdom and not some lesser thing. He was also blessed with intelligence. But after this encounter with God, his wisdom and his intelligence were obviously intensified. He could apply them to any situation with ease.

In my opinion it was after he asked for wisdom that he developed his style of wrapping his wisdom in powerful, yet bite-sized packages called proverbs. His proverbs may have been more influential than anything else in earning Solomon the reputation of being wise in the eyes of the common people. As king he would often serve as the highest judge of the land so he was often required to offer rulings on tough cases, and give people advice on tough problems. He had an extraordinary ability to make his answers powerful, well-targeted and memorable. That is why I believe that his request for wisdom marked a noticeable change in his ability to create these proverbs.

However, when we look at the life of Solomon, we must keep in mind that if God gives you a gift, He does not force you to use it. Solomon exercised extraordinary wisdom in many ways, but toward the end of his life he made choices which were contrary to godly wisdom – he failed to apply the wisdom that was available to him.

What are some gifts that God has given to you? These can be abilities, interests, special circumstances that make you different, or a calling God has placed upon your life. You should make sure to use whatever He has given you for His glory not your own.

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