Troublesome Topic: SUMMARY OF MY ADVICE

Study carefully and prayerfully;

Do not rush, and do not jump to conclusions.

Take your time; slow, careful study is much better than rushed work.

Do your studying and searching before a meeting with others, not during a Bible study with others present, especially if it involves grammar. Rushing can lead to false assumptions, or heading the wrong direction.

While I said earlier that you can gain richness, beauty and power from doing your own study in Greek and Hebrew, you need to be careful because you can easily overlook something or make a wrong conclusion, especially when it involves grammar. Check your sources well to see if the usage in that particular verse is altered by its grammatical form. And with anything grammatical, rely on those that have given their lives to understanding the Biblical languages.

I wish to encourage you to do your own study, but to do it carefully, checking as many angles as possible.

But for word studies, especially root meanings, go for it.


The greatest value of the online sources that allow you to do some of your own study in Greek and Hebrew is in what we call word-studies. These are in-depth studies of the meaning, root meaning, and usage of a specific word. I like studying the root word behind the word in view. Root meanings are often helpful and carry their influence into every word that came from them.