Troublesome Topic: The Example of Elijah

In I Kings 19:4-10 we read about the encounter between Elijah and the prophets of Baal. On that day the God of the Bible defeated the false god Baal in a contest between Elijah and Queen Jezebel’s personal entourage of 450 false prophets. It was a showdown that demonstrated which God is real and which one is a fake. When the prophets of Baal lost the contest, Elijah put them all to death. But then he ran for his life in fear that Jezebel would put him to death. He hid in a cave so the queen’s men would not find him. While there he began to feel sorry for himself. He even became suicidal, but instead of taking his own life, he asked God to take it from him.

Elijah felt alone. Did that mean he really was alone? No. Feeling alone does not mean you are alone. He also felt futile, as if all his efforts did not really bring any long-term results. But once again, does feeling futile mean you are futile? No.

Elijah wanted God to take his life, because he believed the messages Satan had inserted into the emotions he was feeling.

God did not take Elijah’s life. Instead He sent His angel who gave him something to eat and drink, made him get some sleep, gave him more to eat, sent him on a journey in order to connect with God in a fresh way, then had him choose a successor that he could train to take his place. God was definitely not done with Elijah, despite the emotions Elijah was feeling at the time and the messages Satan was communicating through those emotions.