Troublesome Topic: The Law Fits the Pattern of Suzerain Vassal Covenants

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There were three types of covenants commonly seen in the ancient Near East. If you missed my lesson about these three types of covenants, I encourage you to click on the following link and read them because one of those types of covenants was never used by God in His relationship with mankind. Unfortunately, a great deal of what most people have heard about covenants pertains to that type of covenant which God never formed with man. See Why Is it Important to Understand the Three Types of Covenants?

God’s covenant with Israel at Sinai fits the pattern of the suzerain/vassal covenant, making it easy for the people of that day to understand exactly what was going on.

In ancient times there was a covenant formula, or pattern that suzerain/vassal covenants always followed, and this one is no exception. They all included the following:

-An introduction stating who was making the covenant

-The basis of the covenant

-Conditions of the covenant

-Blessings and curses



The Law given through Moses included all these elements.

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