Troublesome Topic: Parable #3 The Sheep and the Goats Mt 25:31-46

This one is another contrast between the righteous and the wicked. Its setting is that of judgement day before Jesus (called the Son of Man) who will separate the righteous and the wicked as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will reward the righteous for the ways they have shown Him kindness. But the righteous will be unaware of having done such acts of kindness to Jesus. He will tell them that when they showed kindness to the insignificant, the lowly, the hurting and the needy, they were showing kindness to Him, thus their reward was merited. The wicked will be considered wicked because they did not show kindness to Jesus when He was in need or hurting or in a time of crisis. However, the wicked will not be able to remember ever seeing Jesus in such situations (for surely they would have helped Him if they had seen Him). They will be told that, if they had helped the needy, cared for the helpless and relieved any pain and suffering they had seen, they would have been doing it to Jesus Himself. Because they did not help those in need, they will be cast out of God’s presence and punished severely.

The point is, be “ready” by how you treat others. Be prepared by doing the right thing. Don’t spend your time just waiting or trying to figure out the time of Christ’s return in power and glory; spend your time serving God by serving others.

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