Troublesome Topic: Tithing Taught Faith and Trust

Lesson 1 of 3

Why did God demand that we give Him 10% of our income? Was God just being mean? God doesn’t really need my money, right? So why this requirement?

Well, it’s not about his needs for money, it’s about my need to learn faith and trust and proper priorities.

Even small children recognize that 100 is bigger than 90. But God’s math is different from our math. God says that 90% of our income (with 10% or more given to Him) will last us longer than if we kept the 100%. That is because God sees our faith and obedience and rewards us for them, or He quietly helps us live more prudently, meaning that we don’t need as much money as we thought we did. However, it takes faith to do what God says.

Is tithing important?

Yes. Every believer should tithe because 1) our covenant Lord demands it, 2) it is good for our spiritual growth and 3) it teaches us important spiritual lessons we would not learn otherwise. Tithing teaches us faith and trust because it forces us to trust. It is one of those times when we obey God even if it doesn’t make sense. It also teaches us to set God’s purposes as our first priority rather than self.

I encourage you to give well above the 10% mark. If you set aside more than 10% you will have the freedom to give toward needs and emergency situations that come up without hurting your regular giving to the local church. Remember, you can’t out-give God. As you give to meet the needs of others, He will take care of your needs in ways that you never would have imagined.

What Did This Teach?

 The commands about tithing taught God’s people the principles of faith, trust in Him, and proper priorities.

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