Troublesome Topic: Waters Vs Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Many Scientists say that our universe is boundless, it has no outer limit or barrier, but some Creationists, such as Russel Humphreys, argue for a bounded universe, one which has a border, a limit. Only God is limitless. The limit or edge of our universe may be very far away, but I believe it does exist. And if the water surrounding our universe is more than just a layer of water, but rather a vast sea of water in which our entire universe is only a bubble, that would point to an amazingly powerful Creator God.

Secular scientists say that the matter/energy known to man are not nearly enough to make happen everything they see happening in outer space. Based on their model of the universe called the Big Bang, they say that all the energy available in the things they can see through their telescopes accounts for approximately 5% of the energy needed to make the universe function. Their model requires another 95% which they attribute to the untestable and unprovable realms of dark matter and dark energy. As a bare minimum, they are sure that there is “something else out there.” They refuse to accept the most believable option – that it is God Himself, or the other physical forces He has put in place – such as water, that are providing the rest of the energy needed to make the universe function. Secular scientists are quick to say that a large quantity of liquid water out beyond our universe is similar to their dark matter and dark energy in that it is also “unprovable”. What they mean is that it has not been found yet. But they claim that dark matter and dark energy cannot be tested or proven, we just have to believe that they exist. I say that the presence of such water has one very significant advantage – we have something better than an eyewitness account; we have the record of the One who made it happen. We must choose which model is most believable.