Troublesome Topic: We Have Two Options

We Have a Dilemma Which Forces Us to Make a Choice

There are two ways to look at the issue of divorce and remarriage and how this issue applies to us today.

We have come to a fork in the road and we must make a choice.The Law’s regulations about divorce and remarriage carry over to the New Covenant:

1. Since it is difficult to separate the teaching tool from the truth being taught,

And it is difficult to teach the principles without the regulations,

The regulations about divorce and remarriage seem to have been more than cultural

Jesus and Paul seemed to think this way too.

2. Only principles carry over. The New Covenant teaches us to –

Do things simply because they are the right thing to do,

Live by the principles of God’s word

Follow internal guidance (i.e. the Holy Spirit) rather than external factors (i.e. the Law)

Be motivated by love for our savior, not fear of punishment.

Two Pictures

What if we fully followed God’s plan – the principles and the teaching methods (i.e. the regulations)?

What if we just follow the key principles?

There is technically a third option, and that is to follow the way of the world and reap the corresponding consequences. But this seems to me like driving your car off the edge of a cliff.

What are the Principles involved?

Respect for authority (this is the biggest one)

Proper relationships

God’s original design

God allows us to choose our course and its corresponding consequences.

If we follow the world, we reap negative results personally and negative results for society. Two thumbs down.

We can follow God’s principles without the regulations and reap mixed results personally, and mostly bad results for society. That is on thumb up and one thumb down.

We can follow the principles and the regulations if key people around us agree to help us and we will reap good results personally and good results for society. That’s two thumbs up.

The principles and regulations go together. They have a higher price tag up front, but bring better results for everyone in the long term

It is best if each individual makes this decision before getting married.

The next lesson is: Option #1 Follow the Principles and the Teaching Methods