Troublesome Topic: What About Household Chores?

When I talk about the husband and father being the head of his home, many people probably assume I mean that his wife must does all the household chores, and he never helps out with any of that stuff.

However, that assumption would be wrong.

My wife and I have come to an agreement through the years about who does which tasks around the house, and which ones we will do as a team. For instance, I cook breakfast every day, and help with the cooking of other meals as well. I don’t wash the dishes, but I often dry them. I do most of the grocery shopping because I have usually been the one out and about so I would stop and get the things that were needed. Besides that, my wife is one of those rare women that hates to shop.

I believe it is good for a married couple to discuss these things and come to an agreement about how to share the household responsibilities. The final arrangement will be affected by a vast number of factors and will look different for each couple.

In my opinion, the issue of roles is more about major issues of leadership and decision-making, not about details like who cleans up after supper, who vacuums the floor, who changes the diapers, etc., etc. I believe a husband and wife should talk together about big decisions, and that the wife should respect her husband as having the final word.

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