1 Corinthians7:17

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Only to each as THE LORD has divided, to each as THEOS has called, so let him walk. And this I charge in all the churches.


Based on how THE SUPREME RULER has distributed things to each person, and according to what THE CREATOR AND RULER OF ALL THINGS has called each one to do, that is how each believer should live. I admonish everyone to do this.


This is a general principle which Paul taught to everyone, and which applied to various situations. He repeated it again in Vs. 20 “Let each one remain in the calling to which he has been called,” and in verse 24, (see below). In verse 18 & 19 Paul applied this principle to circumcision, and then after that to slavery (vv. 21-22). About slavery he interjects “but if you are able to become free, make use of that opportunity.” However, if the reader was not able to make that change, Paul’s message to him can be expressed like this, “don’t focus only on that one thing to the point of having a negative view of your situation; rather focus on your relationship with Jesus, in which is found freedom from all types of bondage.” So we observe that it is a logical necessity that some situations should indeed be changed, even while most should stay the same if possible. The reason for not changing things will be given shortly by Paul.