1 Corinthians7:24



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in that in which each one is called, in that he should remain with God.


Brothers and sisters, each one of you should remain well-connected to God in whatever situation you find yourselves in.


1: "brothers"

If you asked a person of that day, they would say that the Greek word meant “brother.” It comes from the two words “same” and “womb.” In those days it was understood primarily as males that came from the same womb i.e. brothers, but it was also used in a general sense to mean brothers and sisters that came from the same womb. It was even used of siblings that had the same father but not the same mother, therefore they did not come from the same womb. Therefore, those that say this word means “brother” are correct, that was its primary meaning in that day; those that say it was used of “brothers and sisters,” are also correct. It was a specific word that was commonly used with a general meaning.


Here Paul again reiterates the key principle – remain as you are.

In verse 25 he begins to talk to the next group of people – virgins.

In verse 26 he provides the reason for which he taught this principle to all the churches.