1 Corinthians7:3

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The husband should deliver

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what is owed

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to the wife, and likewise also, the wife to the husband.

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In fact, a husband has a debt he must pay to his wife and that is the satisfying of her sexual needs, likewise the wife has a debt she must pay to her husband and that is the satisfying of his sexual needs.



This is a compound word made up of the words “from” and “give back, return, restore, pay off (a debt), pay in general, deliver, give away.” I think “deliver” is the best choice in this sentence.


The word used here is “debt, something owed to someone.”


Paul seems to repeat himself here. Verse two does more than imply that each spouse should meet the others sexual needs, but it is neither is it stated clearly. The point of verse two is to give an exception to what he started to say in verse one (to not get married). Here verse three commands spouses to meet each other’s needs; it is not optional.