1 Peter3:1

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wives, be subject

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to your own husbands so that, even if any refuse to obey the word, they will be won over without a word, by the conduct of their wives,


Just like in the previous examples, wives also should place themselves in a position under their husbands so that even if some husbands refuse to follow God’s word, they will be won over to following Christ without any need for preaching, arguing or condemning, but rather through the conduct they observe in their wives,



“Likewise” refers to the fact that Peter has just talked about how everyone should submit to the authority of political rulers (2:13-17), that slaves should submit to the authority of their masters and endure hardship in a way that shows they are trying to follow God (2:18-20), and that all believers in Jesus should follow His example of suffering quietly, peacefully, and with trust in God (2:21-25). The second half of chapter two and all of chapter three are focused on how people in difficult situations can win others over by suffering hardship with a good attitude. According to this passage, the key element of this good attitude is proper respect for authority, even when that authority may be used incorrectly. The point being made is that respect for authority will go further to win over to the gospel those that are abusing their authority than any other single thing a believer can do. It does not make the abuse good, right, or proper, that is not the point here nor should it be interpreted in that way.


This is a compound word coming from “under” and “arrange,” and it is in a middle or passive form, thus it means “I place myself in a position under someone else.”