1 Peter3:4

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rather that of the hidden man of the heart, the imperishable [things] of a gentle and quiet spirit

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which is of great value before THEOS.

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rather the qualities of the inner person found in the heart, the undying benefits of a person that does not argue, criticize or condemn but remains quiet and positive; THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS considers these qualities precious.



This is the same word Paul used in I Timothy 2:11, which I translate as “calm tranquility.” It is more than simple silence because it includes a positive attitude. In fact, the making of sound is not the point, rather it is the attitude of the heart that is in view.


Here the Greek uses a different form of this common name for God because the grammatical structure of the sentence requires it. However, the different form does not change the meaning of the name and I have left it in the form you are familiar with so no one would think that there has been a change in meaning.