1 Timothy2:10

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but rather what [causes] a woman who professes the fear of God to stand out for the right reasons,

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i.e. through good works.


rather they should arrange their appearance with those things that cause a woman who claims to put God in first place to stand out and be conspicuous for good reasons, specifically that she serves others.



Although this word is often translated “becoming, fitting, or seemly,” it actually means “to stand out, or to be conspicuous.” The context of this verse tells us that it denotes standing out for a good reason, not a bad one. It is of interest that in the previous verse Paul says women should not be conspicuous and here he says they should stand out. The first statement makes clear that they should not go to a prayer meeting or worship time and call attention to themselves by how they dress; here he is saying that the one thing which they should be known for, the one thing people should be saying about them, is that they love to serve others. The implication is that this is how women should “dress;” this is what should cover them – their reputation for helping others.