1 Timothy2:14

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Also, ADAM was not thoroughly deceived, but the woman, having been thoroughly deceived, has come to be on the wrong path due to stepping off the right path.

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Another reason is that THE RED MAN MADE FROM DIRT was not the one who was deceived to the point of taking action, rather his wife was deceived so thoroughly that she was willing to act on the deception, and when she did, she deviated from the right path and found herself on the wrong path headed the wrong direction.



The verb used here means “to deviate, to step aside from the path, to overstep, to violate a command by going beyond its stated limits.” At the heart of its meaning seems to be this idea of stepping across a barrier and finding oneself off the path or outside of the established limits.


The way this verse talks about deception leads us to believe that Adam may have had questions and doubts; some of what the serpent said to her or to them made sense. But Adam was not yet ready to take action on what the Serpent said, he was still evaluating the words of the Serpent in light of God’s clear command which carried with it the consequence of death. She

however, had believed the Serpent’s lies so thoroughly that she fully trusted the Serpent and fully distrusted God; that is the only way she could be willing to violate God’s clear command. God had done nothing to lose their trust, yet she distrusted Him; Satan had done nothing to gain their trust, yet she trusted him. God had revealed His character and his purpose through his actions; Satan did not reveal his character or his purpose because he did not act, all he did was talk.

Paul used this illustration to show that a woman needs a man. A man can think through something without emotions getting in the way of sound reason; a woman’s emotions are always engaged, never turned off. However, God did not intend for our emotions to guide us; they are simply responses to situations, not guides. Paul did not mention it because it was not his purpose, but we know from the fact that the woman was called man’s “rescuer” that a man also needs a woman. They need each other. Paul’s point is that if Eve had been willing to follow Adam, instead of jumping into the lead, maybe, just maybe they would not have violated God’s command, or at least the fight would have lasted much longer. The reason for this exhortation has to do with creation and the fall, not something so flexible as cultural norms or the fact that in those days men were usually more educated than women.