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Then as many of the persuaded ones

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from the circumcision who had come with Peter were thrown out of position

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that the free gift of the Holy Spirit had even been poured forth upon the Gentiles,

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Then all of the circumcised, faithful believers who had accompanied Peter were so astonished they almost went out of their minds because the free gift of the Holy Spirit had gushed forth even upon the non-Jewish nations.


1: “persuaded ones”

This word can be translated “faithful, trustworthy, believers, full of faith.” But the root word behind these ideas is “persuaded.” Therefore, I have rendered it “persuaded ones” in my translation and “faithful believers” in my paraphrase.


This verb comes from the preposition “out of” and the verb “stand.” Thus, it points to someone who has been “removed from a fixed position” either by going crazy or by being overwhelmed with amazement.

3: "Gentiles"

This is the word for “the nations” but it was used of the non-Jewish nations. It is the Greek word from which we get our English word “ethnic.”