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But you, DANIEL, conceal the words, and fasten a seal on the scroll till the end,

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and many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.


But you, GOD IS MY JUDGE, hide away the words that you have been given to write and fasten a seal on the scroll so no one will open it and read what you have written, and keep it that way until the final judgment when people will be in confusion and fear, but also

true knowledge (of God) and spiritual discernment will increase (one way or another).


1: “till the end”

Although this word is often used in conjunction with time, it is not clear what it is referring to. It could mean till forever, i.e. “keep it sealed for always,” or it could mean until the final event, meaning the final judgment, at which time, everything will be revealed. I prefer the idea of “until the final [judgment],” but I cannot prove that was the intended purpose.