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One said to the man clothed in linen

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who was over the waters of the river,

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“Until when shall be the finality of these extraordinary things?”

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One of them asked the man who was surrounded by purity and

was definitely in control of all the abundance and happiness possible in life, “How long will people have to wait to see the fulfillment of these extraordinary things that are hard to explain?”



Linen was associated with cleanliness and purity.

2: “who was over the waters of the river”

If someone is reading this passage and wondering if any of it might be symbolism, this phrase makes it obvious that it was indeed intended as symbolism.


Daniel had just been told to keep what he was shown a secret, but the one who controls all the resources of life, was asked by his subordinates to shed whatever light he could upon the question, “How long will God’s faithful followers have to endure hardship before God’s purpose has been completed?” In his answer he gave as much information as he was permitted to give.