A woman must not take upon herself anything that pertains to

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a man; a man must not put on a garment of a woman, for all who do these things are despicable to YHVH your ELOHIM (read Adonai your Elohim).


A woman must not pretend to be a man by taking upon herself anything that a man would use; a man must not try to be a woman by putting on the clothes of a woman; this action and those who do it are despicable to THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD who is your CREATOR AND RULER.



The word I have rendered as “anything that pertains to” means “something prepared, or something finished,” and had a wide variety of uses, such as: “vessel, receptacle, utensil, apparatus, equipment, article, implement of labor, tool, instrument, furniture, paper reed.” You will notice that there is nothing in here specifically about clothing, although armor was included.