And it shall be, that when you cross over the JORDAN,

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you shall set up these stones which I command you today, on MOUNT EBAL,

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and you shall whitewash them with lime.


Now then, when you have crossed over the barrier called THE DESCENDER, you must set up stones according to what I am commanding you today; set them up on THE PLACE OF WEAKNESS RATHER THAN STRENGTH, and plaster them with lime.



The name Jordan means “to descend or go down, the one that descends, or the descender.” It was given this name because it descends from the Sea of Galilee, which is at 695 feet below sea level, to the Dead Sea, which is 1410 feet below sea level. The Jordan river travels 65 miles as the crow flies from the sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea, but it takes 135 miles for the river to snake its way there.


The name Ebal means “bald or bare.”