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and you shall love

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YHVH (read Adonai) your ELOHIM

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with all your inner being,

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with all your God-breathed soul,

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and with all your muchness.

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and you must show your love for THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD, who is your CREATOR AND RULER, by following Him obediently; do this with singular will, with all your God-given spiritual being, and with all the energy and purpose you have.



The word love, when used in a covenantal context, is closely associated with obedience.


For English readers I render this name “your ELOHIM” so as to not cause confusion by using various forms of the name and because that is what it means.


The first word in this trio is often rendered “heart” but it points to the “inner being” with an emphasis on the will. Those who render it “mind” are closer to the idea of the original than is “heart,” Notice that I have rendered it as “inner being” in the translation and as “will” in the paraphrase.


The second word in this trio means “life, breath and soul.” It emphasizes life which comes from God with a focus on the inner and spiritual aspects of life, not the physical. In my translation I render it your “God-breathed soul” and in the paraphrase your “God-given spiritual being.”


The last word in the trio means “abundance, muchness, exceeding, or force/strength.” In this verse it may refer specifically to your strength and energy, or it may refer to everything you have in abundance which includes your strength but also your time, your physical possessions, your relationships, and other blessings from God. In other words, it could refer to “your everything.”