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For a feast is made for laughter, and wine makes people happy,

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but money answers every [need].

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Excessive use of alcohol provides a good time [for a little while], but [the wise use of] money provides for every need. So be careful and wise about how you use your money.


1: “feasts & wine”

This is likely a reference to the chieftains of verse 16 who spend all their time feasting.


The Hebrew simply says “money answers every,” every what? Is it “everything” or “every need”? “Every need” seems to fit the context best. He is not saying that if you have money you can do anything you want, and he is not advocating the improper use of money to manipulate or control people. He is comparing the chieftains who feast all the time and thus show they are relying on alcohol to bring them happiness with those who use their money wisely in preparation for future needs and unexpected crises. Feasting (alcohol) makes people happy for a short time, but wise use of money provides for a pleasant future.