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And even when a fool lives

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according to the way of life [he has chosen],

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a moral consciousness is lacking,

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and he tells everyone that he is a fool.


When a man who does not have his life together lives and acts in the ways he has chosen to live and act, he demonstrates that he habitually ignores his moral compass, and by his life he tells everyone that his life is messed up.


1: “lives”

This word can mean “to walk, go or come,” but it also means “to live life characterized by certain moral attributes, either good or bad.” The connection between “to walk” and “to live” is so strong that I did not want to put the physical act of “walking” in either the translation or the paraphrase, because that is not what it is talking about.

2: “the way of life”

This word also has strong and direct connections between “a road” and “moral issues of life;” the moral issues are part of the definition of the word, not just symbolism. I am confident that this has nothing to do with someone who is involved in the physical act of walking along the physical space we call a road, as some translations indicate.


The word used here is “wisdom,” which in the Old Testament had a strong moral and spiritual component.