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your bread

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upon the waters for in many days you will find it.


Sow your seeds in unexpected ways by investing in others not yourself, and a long time from now it will bear fruit for all of you.



This word means “to send, send away, set off, cast away, set free.” It is not usually used of the scattering action involved in ancient sowing practices, but here it appears to be pointing that direction. Plant your seeds in the sea, which is some place from which we would never expect to get a harvest.


This is indeed the word “bread,” but it appears to be used here as a reference to “grain, or seed.” Although they had a different word for “grain” and for “seed,” it was not uncommon for grain to stand for bread and bread for grain.

Some see in this phrase a reference to sea-faring commerce, but I think he is simply saying: Casting “seed” onto standing water would be an unexpected way to plant your crop.