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As you do not know the way

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of the wind, or of the bones

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in the womb of one who is pregnant,

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so you do not know the works of ELOHIM who makes everything.


Just like you cannot fully understand how the wind does what it does because you can’t see the wind, or how the bones of a fetus develop so perfectly in the womb of the mother because you can’t see them growing, likewise you cannot fully understand how THE CREATOR AND RULER OF ALL THINGS, who has made all things, does what he does because you can’t see him doing it.



This word is usually rendered “road, path, or way,” but it can also refer to the “manner” in which something is done.


We are not told what about the bones is being referred to, so it is safest to take the word “way” from the previous clause and assume it also refers to this clause as well. Thus “the way of the bones in the womb” probably refers to how they develop so perfectly.


This word simply means “full,” but when it was used of a woman it was understood to mean “pregnant.”