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Now that everything has been heard, here is the concluding word:

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Fear ELOHIM and His commandments, for this is all for man to keep.


Now that everything has been brought into the open and presented to you, here is the conclusion: Fear THE CREATOR AND RULER OF ALL THINGS and the consequences associated with His commandments, for this is the whole duty of all men.


1: “word”

This Hebrew words means “something spoken, a word, a speech, a command or edict,” also “a matter, an issue, a decision, a business affair, an event, a cause, or the manner in which something is carried out.” While many Bibles translate this part of the verse as “this is the conclusion of the matter,” and they are not wrong in doing so, it could also be translated, “This is the concluding word,” or “this is the concluding statement,” which I think is even better.