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With my inner being

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I sought out answers

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to the issue of

satisfying the body with wine, (all the while being guided

in my inner being by wisdom)

and also to fully grasp foolishness,

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until I could

clearly see what was good for man to do all the days of his life here on earth.

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With everything inside me I gave careful consideration to the pros and cons of satisfying the body with alcohol. I only considered it, I did not indulge myself in that way, for I followed the guidance of godly wisdom. I also worked hard to fully understand everything related to foolishness, its allure and its consequences, so I could

know what the good options were for men to engage in during their lives here on this earth.


1: “my inner being”

This word can mean “mind, heart or will.”


The word used here means to “seek;” one can assume that what is being sought is answers. It is tied to the inner being, which means the seeking is very intense and personal.

3: “to fully grasp foolishness”

In his deep contemplation and analysis he considered all the angles; he sought to understand both the good and the bad.


Ecclesiastes does not mention heaven because it is intended to focus on our life here on earth. He wanted people to learn from his experiences how best to use their time and energies in this life.