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 I know that

everything GOD does will last forever;

nothing can be added to it

and nothing taken away from it,

and GOD does this so that men will fear

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I know that, unlike our earthly accomplishments in the material world, everything THE RULER OVER ALL THINGS does will last forever. Although His provision may seem sparse, and His plans may seem simple and unexciting, in reality they are full and complete, nothing can be added to them to make them better, and nothing can be taken from them because everything we need is included. God has established things in this way so that we will be inspired to stand in awe of Him and live in reverent obedience to Him.



In covenant relationships, the concept of “fear” fits perfectly. The consequences for failing to follow a covenant were usually death. Our relationship with God is also a covenant relationship. In modern English, the Old Testament concept of fearing God is best expressed with a series of statements. Everyone would couch it a bit differently, but their statements would have to do with awe, extreme reverence, and obedience.