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a time to weep

and a time to play,

a time to mourn

and a time to dance,

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Life is full of many things; it will include things that make you cry, and things that make you want to laugh and play; it will include intense emotional situations such as mourning the loss of a loved one, or rejoicing over something like the birth of a child.


1: “dance”

The text does not specify why someone may “dance, skip or leap,” but this is a statement about the most extreme cases and it has already stated the negative side as mourning which means there has been a death of someone close. The contrasting image is that of rejoicing over the birth of a child. Despite his many accomplishments, Solomon’s greatest sense of joy seems to have come from his relationship with the Shulammite and the two daughters they produced (based on some hints in scripture and some assumptions on my part.)