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What one is has already been named, and it is known that he is a man,

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and he cannot act as  judge

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against one

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who is stronger than he.


Our qualities and limitations have already been clearly defined, and we all know that we are only men, made from dust; we cannot put God on trial and find Him guilty just because we don’t like something; remember, He is much stronger than we are.



The point here is that he is only a man, made from the dust. The word used here is the same as the name Adam, for Adam means “man,” and it also means “red” for the dirt God made Adam from must have had a reddish tinge to it.


This verb means “to act as judge, to execute judgment on,” and sometimes, “to plead the case of.”


The one in view here is obviously God. For that reason I spell it out clearly in the paraphrase column, but I do not give the meaning of the name of God for no specific name is given; his identity is implied.