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Though it has not seen the sun

or learned anything,

it has more rest

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than this man.


Though it has not experienced the source of the most powerful physical light, and it has not learned anything about living the human life, i.e, it has not truly begun to live life in the normal sense, it is better off than the man I just described for this reason, it has experienced peaceful, satisfying comfort, whereas his life was anything but peaceful.



This word usually means “rest or quietness.” In Ecclesiastes 4:6 it is contrasted with strife and frustration. Rest was considered one of the highest values by the ancient Hebrews and that is because God placed supreme importance on resting in order to connect with others. The frenetic lifestyle of the rich man, which was characterize by worries and frustrations, was the exact opposite of the peaceful comfort of the baby in the mother’s womb.