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In the day of prosperity,

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but in the day of adversity consider this: surely ELOHIM has made the one as well as the other so that man cannot find out anything about what comes later.

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In the good times, be glad, but during the hard times, consider this: THE CREATOR AND RULER OF ALL THINGS is directly or indirectly behind both of them, making them what they are; He does this so that man does not begin to expect and demand certain things for his future.


1: “prosperity”

This is the Hebrew word for “good” and it has other uses, such as “happiness, joy and prosperity.”

2: “rejoice”

This is also from the same Hebrew word meaning “good” that is used just before this one, but this time it means to “be happy or rejoice.” Once again Solomon uses the same word twice with different uses each time.


During good times, God does not want us to begin to expect that everything has to continue being good, and then get angry at Him when things aren’t all good. Likewise, during hard times, He doesn’t want us to assume that life will always be cruel and come to hate God because life is always cruel.