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And I find more bitter than death the woman whose heart is snares and nets, and whose hands are bonds; he who pleases ELOHIM will escape her,

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but the sinner will be trapped by her.


And what did I find in my searching? I found something that is worse than death itself; I found the truth about the woman whose heart leads her to become a hunter’s snare and a fisherman’s net, and whose hands are handcuffs on a man’s wrists. The man who lives a life that is pleasing to THE CREATOR AND RULER OF ALL THINGS will escape her, but the one who lives a life full of sin will be trapped by her.



The secret to escaping the lascivious woman is not something that can be done at the moment of temptation; it is a lifestyle of honoring God and following God’s precepts that will result in God granting protection and strength in that moment. Obviously, the sinner is already living for pleasure so part of him will want to follow this woman and the other part will be too weak to resist.