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Look! This alone I have found, that God made man upright,

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but they have sought many schemes.

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Look! Here it is my summary statement: God has placed within mankind the desire to be upright, but men have sought many creative and inventive thought processes.


1: “upright”

I was going to use the word “straight” because that is one of the key meanings of this word, but then I realized that people would think this is referring to the difference between one who is gay and one who is “straight.” But this word is not specific to sexual orientation, so I chose to use “upright” instead.

2: “Schemes”

Although this word can mean things like “devices and inventions” and although these can refer in other places to physical machines or devices, here it refers to the other side of things which are man’s “thoughts” and the way he “understands his world.” Indeed man has come up with many philosophical interpretations about life, some of which exclude God altogether.