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Anything your hand finds to do,

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do it with strength, for there is no pursuit, or reckoning, or knowledge or wisdom in the underworld where you are going.


Each task you choose to do and know how to do, do it with all your might, because once you leave the opportunities afforded you in this life, the chance to do it will be gone; there is no pursuit of dreams, no system of accountability in working toward a goal, no application of specific knowledge and no exercise of wisdom in that place where you are going after this – the holding-place for the dead.


1: “your hand finds to do”

This is reminiscent of the uses of this phrase in historical books of the Bible where a leader, such as a king, tells a soldier or a messenger, “whatever your hand finds to do, do it.” This meant, “I trust you. You are well trained, and you know the outcome that I desire. You will know how to evaluate the situation and I give you freedom to do whatever you feel is best to reach the goal that both of us desire. Go for it!”