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Now you, while being dead in your miss-steps

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and your ethical failures,

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Now then, even while you were a dead corpse, lacking life because

your wrong choices caused you to move away from God, and because your

moral failures made you no longer a part of [God’s chosen instruments] …



“miss-steps” point to a “slip up, a side-slip, a miss-step, a false step, or a falling away.” Although it seems to be unintentional, the result is that it causes us to move further away from someone, after having been close to them. All this is wrapped up in one word–the action, the unintentional nature of the action and the resulting distance in the relationship. In the paraphrase I chose to relate the miss step as a wrong choice because it is about our will, not about our feet.


“ethical failures” means “to be at fault due to missing the mark, to fail ethically, and thus no longer be a part of, or belong to [something]” – what you are no longer a part of is not included in this word. In this case, what you no longer have a share in is not spelled out in the verse either. You are expected to assume correctly that it has to do with God. The consequence is the key part of this word because it comes from two words, one which means “not” and another which means “part of, or share.” Although a bit long, we could render this word as “you no longer have a share because you missed the mark with your ethical failures.”