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in whom we have fearless confidence to speak [to           ],

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and direct, intimate access

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to [        ]

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by the faith of Him.


in whom we have fearless confidence to proclaim the message of the gospel, and we have the freedom to approach Him directly, and face-to-face, and all this is made a reality through faith in his redemptive work.



A word appears to be missing here, and this one can go either way; it can mean speaking to humans about salvation, or speaking to God in prayer, or both. I favor “speaking to humans about Jesus” because the next phrase includes the idea of prayer and communion with God.

2: "direct, intimate access":

This word means “to bring to” and it includes the ideas of “direct, intimate, access, approaching, having an audience with [God].”


A word appears to be left out here as well, but the obvious answer is that we have special access “to Him.”